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Phone: +44 (0) 203 026 2610 / 07823507533 Email: [email protected]


Simply put virtualisation allows for multiple operating systems to be run under one physical server. The conventional way has always been one server to many workstations. In virtualisation, you can get a powerful server with lots of RAM and Hard disk, and run multiple instance of Windows Server for example. One instance of the server operating system might just be a file and print server, and another instance of the operating system might be hosting applications. The workstation will connect to the same physical box, depending on the configuration but will only use the instance they require.

There is also virtualisation in the Cloud, organisations can buy the processing power they need in order to achieve a certain objective, eg, running a powerful SQL based application. This allows for greater flexibility, no physical hardware requirements, and pay for only the Storage, RAM and CPU power that they use.

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